a “serious rural comedy” written and directed by Brenda Hubbard

Auditions are Monday and Tuesday June 29 and 30 beginning at 7pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and are cold readings from the script. To make an appointment/request a script, or ask a question, please email

 A.pdf of the script will then be e mailed to you.  Those wishing to review the script first may, of course, also request one. 

SHOW DATES:  October 16-25, 2020.  Due to the COVID19 closure of theaters, after casting is complete actors will be asked to memorize their lines at home.  In-theater rehearsals are expected to begin roughly 5 weeks before the October 16 opening night. 

SETTING:  SOHIO service station in 1960’s Greene County, Ohio. 

NEEDED:  1 F, 3 M


Virgil Kemp, age 44.  Spends all his free time fishing.  Reads every magazine he can get his hands on, can quote the Bible and has taken on a maternal role in the family.  Loved a girl once – she left him at the altar

Leona – 42.  A trophy winning stock car driver.  Likeable, insecure, always tries to make everyone happy.  Married to an alcoholic, with 3 kids, and works as a waitress.

Louie Kemp, age 42.  Lovable, cocky man/child, and a decent car mechanic.  Has had a string of girlfriends, but they don’t stay around very long

Daddy, age 79.  Frail looking, but still a force to be reckoned with.  Calls the shots at the service station.  No nonsense.

Here are the pages auditionees will be expected to read: 

Virgil and Louie– page 7-8    All men reading for these parts should look at the monologue on 45-46

Daddy- page 29 monologue

Leona, Virgil, Louie- 36-38

Xenia Area Community Theater

45 E. Second St

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