a drama byDavid Lindsay-Abaire

Becca and Howie Corbett have a picture-perfect family life in the suburbs of New York until a random, tragic accident takes the life of their four-year old son. Soon after, Becca’s younger, irresponsible sister, Izzy, announces that she is pregnant. As Becca and Howie grow apart, Becca’s mother, Nat, badgers Becca about her grieving process, and Jason, the young driver who killed their son, continually shows up to ask forgiveness. Rabbit Hole delves into the complexity of a family navigating deep grief, and learning what it means to live a fruitful life when things fall apart. 

Directed by Sara Duibley


NEEDED:   3W  2 M


Becca—a grieving mother in her thirties or forties. Tough and uncompromising, she cannot tolerate insincerity or impracticality.

Howie—Becca’s husband, a patient man who specializes in pretending everything is fine.

Izzy—Becca’s younger sister, in her twenties or thirties. A perennial party girl who never grew up, Izzy is still trying to find herself.

Nat—Becca and Izzy’s mother, an opinionated alcoholic with a knack for sticking her foot in her mouth.

Jason—an awkward and nerdy boy. Late teens or early twenties.

Auditions will be cold readings from the script

Xenia Area Community Theater

45 E. Second St. in Xenia

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